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Interactive Security Solutions

Interactive SecurityWe understand you want to be "in control" of everything 24/7. Hawk Security Services, the premier provider of business and residential security in Texas, lets you manage your security from anywhere... at any time!

Hawk is a full-service security provider. Small or large, residential or commercial, Hawk can handle it. Hawk Security specializes in burglary/intrusion detection, fire detection, video surveillance, access control, hospital/infant anti-abduction systems, life safety and managed IP networked applications.

We deliver value-added products and services offering convenience, peace of mind and satisfaction to every customer. Bundling your services with Hawk will save you more money and give you the convenience of having one company service your security and telecommunications needs.

Hawk Security is committed to fulfilling our customer's security needs with integrity, honesty, enthusiasm and excellent service.

Attention Hawk Security Services Customers!

Hawk Electronics (no relation to Hawk Security Services) has recently been in the news for filing for bankruptcy. Our company, Hawk Security Services, is not affiliated with Hawk Electronics in any way. 

The prior owner of Hawk Security Services, PCI, has also recently filed for bankruptcy. PCI was required to publish a bankruptcy letter that lists every alias they have ever used, and so Hawk Security Services was listed on this notification due to a previous association with PCI. We wanted to assure you that neither of these bankruptcy notices has anything to do with Hawk Security Services, or our financial standing, and will have no impact on you, as a Hawk customer. If you have any questions, please call us at 1.888.UGO.HAWK.


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